Aug 142014

“This ministry is amazing. It is so wonderful to have our choices acknowledged and honored. The connections and sharing will forever change our lives – we are no longer alone!” – Anonymous

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Aug 142014

“Thank you for recognizing us and for reminding us that we matter and are important. Thank you for loving us and giving us people to call family. Thank you for sharing your time and faith with us. It means more than you will ever know.” – Anonymous

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Aug 142014

“This retreat is life changing. It is a healing and cleansing journey into your life. I have grown in miles and strides from the person I was when I first got here. Every woman deserves to feel loved and surrounded by family and that is what you get with this retreat!” – Erin

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Aug 142014

“I walked into this retreat not sure what could happen, how I would feel, and how it would affect my life. I have never met another birthmother before and as I walked into the room, it was full of everyone with open arms and smiles. I was inspired the whole weekend. I never have talked about my adoption story and the retreat gave me the opportunity to open up and have the support I needed to make the next step in my grieving process. I am so blessed to have met these women. I will now walk proudly as a birthmother and share my story with my head held high.” – Candice

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Aug 142014

“I had a wonderful time at the retreat in Midland. I learned so much and made some great friends! I can’t with to go again and see what else God has in store for me and my healing process.” – Missy

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Aug 142014

“The retreat was hands down the best yet! I made so many new relationships and strengthened old ones. So many lives were touched. To all my BBM ladies, you have helped us more than you know!” – Tiffany

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Aug 142014

“I already miss my BBM girls! I had so much fun making best friends and picking up where I left off with some others. I have learned so much from this weekend, as I always do on the retreats. I love coming home feeling completely new and beautiful.” – Tiffany

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